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Innovation is just a big word thrown around by small minds who find it easier to cling to the technology they've been given, than to explore the power they have to revolutionize it. Innovation is not a goal. Innovation is not a destination.

Innovation is

a journey.

Empowering Hospitality Technology, Distribution, Fintech & Direct Bookings.

Discover iOL Edge, the cutting-edge technology solution designed to transform the way DMCs, tour operators, and hotel chains operate in a fast-paced digital landscape. Experience unparalleled efficiency and streamlined workflows, empowering your business to thrive in a competitive industry.

  • Outdated technology systems hindering growth.
  • Inefficient workflows and operational bottlenecks.
  • Difficulty integrating with multiple platforms.
  • Advanced, customizable technology solutions.
  • Streamlined workflows and operational efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with industry-leading platforms.
Why iOL Edge?
Enhanced adaptability and competitiveness.
Increased efficiency and cost savings.
Improved collaboration and data sharing across platforms.

Introducing iOL X, the global marketplace that connects hotel chains directly with a vast B2B demand network, eliminating the need for middlemen like bed banks and wholesalers. Embrace the future of hotel distribution and experience unparalleled reach and growth.

  • Middlemen reducing profit margins for hoteliers.
  • Limited control over distribution and pricing.
  • Difficulty accessing new markets and partners.
  • Direct connection between hotels and B2B demand network.
  • Real-time inventory and rate management.
  • Global network of partners for increased reach.
Why iOL X?
Improved revenue management and profitability.
Greater control over distribution and pricing.
Access to new markets and growth opportunities.

Welcome to iOL Pay, the cutting-edge fintech and payment platform designed exclusively for the hospitality industry. Simplify your transactions and experience secure, efficient, and hassle-free payments across the globe.

  • Complex payment processing across currencies and languages.
  • Insecure transactions and fraud risks.
  • High operational costs for global payments.
  • Streamlined payment processing for efficient transactions.
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual support.
  • Advanced security and fraud prevention measures.
Why iOL Pay?
Simplified and secure global transactions.
Reduced operational costs and time savings.
Enhanced guest experience and trust.

Embark on a journey like no other with iOL Escapes, the platform that connects discerning travelers to exclusive deals at luxury hotels worldwide. Explore a world of unforgettable experiences and create lasting memories at top-tier hotels with unparalleled offers.

  • Discerning travelers struggling to find exclusive hotel deals.
  • Limited access to curated luxury experiences.
  • Low direct bookings and brand loyalty for luxury hotels.
  • Exclusive deals and offers at luxury hotels.
  • Curated selection of top-tier hotels and experiences.
  • Personalized recommendations and tailored travel experiences.
Why iOL Escapes?
Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Increased direct bookings for luxury hotels.
Enhanced brand reputation and visibility in the luxury market.
An incredible opportunity for hotels to reach a massive audience.

iOL Escapes - Mastercard Priceless Hotel Bookings

Discover how iOL can help you increase your global distribution and revenue stream!

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