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1 September 2020

Illusions Online (iOL) and Orchestra announced today that the two companies have developed a strategic partnership to bring mutual benefits to their customers.


Orchestra partners with Illusions Online (iOL) to allow its global distribution partners access to iWTX (iOL X)


Illusions Online (iOL) and Orchestra announced today that the two companies have developed a strategic partnership to bring mutual benefits to their customers. The partnership has led to established connectivity between iWTX (iOL X), Illusions Online’s (iOL's) real-time, dynamic hotels marketplace and Orchestra, The Leisure Platform. The partnership allows Illusions Online (iOL) to extend the distribution capabilities of iWTX (iOL X)to Orchestra’s global buyer network

“We are all aware of the opportunity for tour operators and travel agents to be able to establish one connectivity & commercial agreement to get a global dynamic hotels portfolio and are very excited to have partnered with Orchestra to easily access our marketplace of hotels chains & independent hotels (” said Faisal Memon, Founder & CEO, Illusions Online (iOL). “I have known Christian for many years and he has built a successful platform in France. I am glad that we are finally working together & helping with distribution of our fantastic dynamic product for his partners.”

The partnership allows hotel chains using the iWTX (iOL X) network to have immediate access to Orchestra’s connected partners. Connected partners will be able to easily automate their direct relationships whilst using iWTX (iOL X) as a distributor for access to hotels. iWTX (iOL X) also has an inbuilt VCC solution which also handles the mandatory payment terms associated with dynamic inventory.

“We are very keen to bring iWTX’s (iOL X's) high-quality global hotels chains dynamic product to our customer base and have worked hard on our partnership with Illusions Online (iOL) to ensure a series of smooth customer rollouts in the coming months” said Christian Sabbagh, CEO, Orchestra. “We are committed to work with Illusions Online as a major supplier of dynamic hotel rates to our growing customer base.”


About Orchestra

Orchestra is a SaaS platform dedicated to the tourism industry. It allows professionals to produce, manage, distribute and deliver a complete leisure offer across all distribution channels: stays (packages), hotel nights, airline tickets, dynamic packages, à la carte. In particular, Orchestra allows unified access in real time to the offer of more than 210 sources (Tour Operators, accommodation providers, cruise lines, hotels, airlines, aggregators, car rental companies, activities, transfers, ...). In a few years Orchestra has become the leader on the French market.


About Illusions Online (iOL)

Illusions Online (iOL) was established in 1997 and provides over 20 years of expertise in automation software solutions for the travel industry.

The Illusions World Travel Exchange (iWTX / iOL X) is a fully automated, real-time, cloud-based marketplace, connecting a wide network of global buyer and sellers in the travel industry. iWTX (iOL X) allows hotel chains to distribute static and dynamic rateplans to a network of Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies and OTAs

iWTX (iOL X) has partners with many of the hotel industry’s leading clients to help manage and automate distribution within its global distribution network

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